Community Luncheon

MOCSA'S 26th Annual Community Luncheon
Details coming soon! 

$440,000 was raised at MOCSA'S 25th Annual Community Luncheon!
MAY 3, 2019 

Honorary Chair Sheila Kemper Dietrich
Event Co-chairs: Alicia Starr and Polly Kramer
​Community Support Committee Co-chairs: Kimberlee Ried and Erik Bergrud

Nearly 1,100 attended the 25th Annual MOCSA Community Luncheon on May 3. Ken Armstrong, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, shared a powerful story about the importance of believing survivors which is now featured in an 8-part Netflix seriesThanks to Honorary Chair Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Event Co-chairs Alicia Starr and Polly Kramer, sponsors, and everyone else who helped raise over $440,000. Images on Facebook.


2018: MOCSA welcomed Academy Award-winning Actress and human rights activist, Mira Sorvino, as keynote speaker. As one of the earliest and most prominent women in Hollywood to confront Weinstein's years of predatory behavior, Mira was instrumental in the #MeToo movement. Her inspiring point of view empowered all of us to stand up, speak out and forever end the injustice against victims of sexual violence. Tavia and Clark Hunt served as Honorary Chairs; Denise Delcore and John Green, Community Support Committee Co-Chairs; Becky Loboda and Alicia Starr, Event Co-Chairs. Images on Facebook.

2017: Byron Hurt, filmmaker, writer, speaker, and anti-sexual violence activist, was the keynote speaker and shared an inspiring message about how we all have a part to play – men and women – in helping to end sexual violence. Nancy & Steve Hooley and Kelly & Ron Lockton served as Honorary Co-Chairs; Event Co-Chairs, Julana Harper-Sachs and Becky Loboda; Community Support Committee Co-Chairs, Elizabeth Souder and Matt Sharples. Images on Facebook.

2016: Jeffrey S. Bucholtz, Director of We End Violence, was the keynote speaker. Attendees walked away inspired, empowered, and knowledgeable about what we can do in our daily lives to support survivors and help prevent sexual violence in the Kansas City community.  Carole & Bill Cobb and Debbie & Kevin Crull served as Honorary Chairs; Ed Ossie and Elizabeth Souder, Community Support Committee Co-Chairs; Beverly Brooks and Julana Harper-Sachs, Event Co-Chairs. Images on Facebook.

2015: Lara Logan spent two decades as a war correspondent. As our keynote speaker she shared her story of survival after a experiencing a brutal sexual assault while working in Egypt in 2011. Michelle & Peter deSilva and Jordan & Marcelo Claure served as Honorary Co-chairs; Stacey McLey and Ed Ossie, Community Support Committee Co-Chairs; Carole Cobb and Beverly Brooks, Event Co-Chairs. Images on Facebook.