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Changing Lives. 

Dear Friend,

This September, MOCSA staff and volunteers answered 3 times more crisis line calls than usual. Stories of sexual violence were all over the news for weeks. Women called who had been raped as teenagers and never told anyone. These brave women, many now in their 60’s and 70’s, felt compelled to finally speak out and call because of recent news coverage. A young man, sexually abused as a child, showed up in our waiting room after seeing a story on the news about our crisis line, because he said he simply needed to be somewhere that people would believe him.

Every day, victims call our crisis line or walk through our doors to talk to someone who will listen, support and believe them. Imagine holding your story so close and never telling another person, and then finally opening up to share. Imagine the range of emotions you might feel when you do. Scared, sad, angry, relieved, or maybe lost. We know you sympathize and understand, because you’re already a donor to MOCSA.

Now more survivors than ever before are coming forward to share their stories and seek help.  And that is amazing. It means they can receive the treatment they need to heal. But it also requires more from all of us. When survivors reach out, MOCSA needs to be ready to help - and that’s where we need you!

With the increase in media coverage inspiring more survivors to come forward, we are expanding our services and hiring additional staff to meet the need. Your financial gift to MOCSA, in these difficult and extraordinary times, helps us reach more survivors and make sure they are getting advocacy and counseling support from expert staff. Which is why we’ve added Molly to our team this year too!

A therapy dog like Molly helps victims of sexual violence reduce their PTSD symptoms. Simply petting Molly’s soft black fur can help lower anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate for victims and their families in a therapy session. Paired with the expert guidance of our staff and your financial support, MOCSA and Molly are ready to help survivors on their healing journey. Survivors deserve to find hope after the trauma they’ve endured. Your donation can provide that hope. And snuggles from Molly help too.

Survivors who come to MOCSA are ready to heal, but they need your help getting there.

Please consider a year end gift to help us recognize the courage of each new survivor who comes forward asking for help to heal. With your donation our services can continue to be free of charge to all survivors and their families, so MOCSA will never have to charge a fee for a child to cuddle with Molly and have access to the healing power of therapy.

As Molly rests her head in a client’s lap, she’s helping the adults, children and families at MOCSA feel more open, relaxed and comfortable as they heal.  With your donation today, you are providing that healing. And we can’t thank you enough.

Thank you,

Julie Donelon                             Ann Abercrombie
President & CEO                        Board President


PS: After you make your gift today, if you have a pet, go get some cuddles! It’s not just cozy, it’s good for your health!